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FieldRoutes Implementation & Consulting

First in class, hands-on FieldRoutes training based on industry experience.

What We Do

As past operators, we understand that people learn by doing. We provide company-specific, tailored training including industry best practices so that companies may make a swift and thorough transition to their new system.


Industry Experience

Our team will train and advise you on industry best practices, based upon our past careers as operators and having worked with 100+ FieldRoutes accounts.

Real time "click-by-click" guidance software

We utilize a software that guides our clients through tasks in real time, click-by-click. This is used during and post implementation.

Training Environment

We provide a FieldRoutes training environment where clients can practice the scenarios that we teach.


  • Amy Hamm image

    Amy Hamm

    Highly recommend Training SOS! Their expertise and professionalism significantly contributed to the success of our project. A tailored approach coupled with great communication ensured our team grasped the software intricacies quickly. Looking forward to future collaborations!
  • Kevin Keim image

    Kevin Keim

    When making a change in software, you're really making an investment into the future of your company's operations and efficiencies. Protect that investment by having a team to help you navigate the known and unknown challenges that lie ahead. I highly recommend Training SOS to assist you in implementing a new CRM.
  • John Haywood image

    John Haywood

    If it wasn’t for Training SOS, we still wouldn’t be live. We felt an increased sense of urgency when Training SOS began driving the project. They quickly set up our project schedule and were able to help us switch software before our next billing date was due, saving us thousands of dollars and covering their fee.