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No guesswork. Only growth.

What We Do

At Scorpion, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to growing your business. We pair your marketing strategies with personalized communications tailored to your goals.

That means we provide you with the most seamless route to stay in contact with your potential customers through your website, social media, and more. 

Our job is to help your business flourish – by entrusting your marketing to us, you can refocus on what truly matters: your valued clients.


Transparency & Better returns

Gain insight into marketing investments and performance so you can spend your advertising dollars where they count the most.

End-to-end Lead Management

Track every lead within the FieldRoutes platform. (Coming soon).

High-performing Websites

Reach the top of Google effortlessly with our award-winning, SEO-focused websites. Meticulously crafted for various industries, our websites guarantee a fast, performance-driven, and visually appealing experience that converts visitors into loyal customers.

Search Engine Optimization

To get you ranking faster than traditional SEO strategies, our team of experts uses advanced AI technology to discover hidden ranking opportunities and track Google’s moves. This will enhance your visibility and drive a high return on your SEO investment.

Digital Advertising

Diversify your lead channels by utilizing Google, Bing, Facebook, and Thumbtack to optimize impact and minimize costs. Our platform offers transparency into your advertising budget, return on investment, and allows easy adjustments.


  • Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services
    More Calls & Higher-Value Jobs for a New Landscaping Business

    The fact that I’m not even thinking about what needs to be done for my marketing on a day-to-day basis is HUGE for me. I know that it’s being handled by Scorpion.