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Drowning in Calls? Pest SOS to the Rescue!

Pest SOS is the key to scaling your pest control company in the most efficient way. Office staff can be difficult to hire, train, and manage. Let us do it for you!

What We Do

Pest SOS is a third party contact center and consulting company for pest control companies. Our team of customer service and sales specialists are equipped to field phone calls, SMS messages, and email messages on behalf of our clients. As a true extension of your home office, our CSRs log directly into FieldRoutes, handle sales and service interactions, sell and set up subscriptions, and schedule directly onto technician routes.


Everything in FieldRoutes

Our agents will log into your FieldRoutes account, sell subscriptions, assist with support calls, and schedule directly onto technician routes!

24/7 Sales & Service

We are open 24/7 x 365 days a year!

USA Proud

All of our call center agents are located in the USA!


  • Dan Christensen image

    Dan Christensen

    Trying to manage a growing business is tough, especially with how seasonal it is where I live. I have had a great experience with Pest SOS. They have integrity and are flexible enough to fit into my system. I recently had my full time CSR go on vacation for a couple weeks and I didn't want to have to pull anyone in to answer phones - I knew that we'd be in good hands with Pest SOS.
  • Phil Markovich image

    Phil Markovich

    I just want to say how awesome it has been to start working with Pest SOS. We were working with a competitor prior and the difference has been night and day. From the responsiveness of the management team to the actual quality of the people that are answering those phones, it has been a night and day difference from what we're used to. Can't be happy enough to be working with Pest SOS!
  • Read Flake image

    Read Flake

    We were concerned about keeping up with phone calls and scheduling. To make matters worse, our office manager was scheduled for maternity leave. We didn't have time to hire and train new employees, so we called Pest SOS. After a simple onboarding process, their trained reps were answering our calls within a couple of weeks. We were then able to focus on training techs and our growing operation while SOS handled everything else. Now we don't ever worry about adjusting staffing during growth spurts or seasonal slowdowns. Pest SOS has us covered.